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Canadian Goose down pillow 1000g Filling-1 Pair

Canadian Goose down pillow 1000g Filling-1 Pair

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Quick Overview:

Canadian Goose down pillow 1000g Filling


What makes Canadian goose down so special?

We wanted the ultimate pillow; no compromise and, from the floaty-light goose down to the sateen piping, this is it. Naturally, it gets pretty cold in Canada! Canadian geese are grown and raised in the heartland of Canada... the wide open prairies are among the cleanest, freshest environment left in the world for raising livestock.

Its filling is 100% genuine Canadian Goose Down (nothing else added, no chambers filled with cheap feather .. just 100% pure down) renowned for its gorgeously soft, long-lasting quality. This lavishly luscious fill is packed in as tightly as possible, then covered with amazingly super-soft 500 thread count sateen cotton. It is as soft as the finest silk but more breathable.

This is no transient luxury. With its 700 fill power, It's destined to give you decades of indulgence.

We've also introduced a somewhat firmer option for our down pillows. Unlike other companies, should you choose to go for the firmer option, you'll be happy to know the extra filling is using only pure down and not feather. Because we believe a goose down pillow should have just that - 100% pure goose down!

What is thread count?

Thread count refers to the number of threads, both vertical and horizontal, in a one-inch square of fabric. Thread count is affected by a number of factors, including ply and thickness of the threads used. The ply of the fabric refers to how many threads are wrapped together into a single thread. Single-ply fabrics use threads on their own, while two-ply fabrics twist two pieces together into a stronger thread, as well as doubling the thread count of the fabric.

Using finer threads also allows for more thread to fit in a square inch. Finer thread often results in smoother, softer fabrics, part of the reason high thread count fabrics are considered more desirable than fabrics with a low thread count. Finer thread also results in a more fragile fabric, however, which may not always be ideal. Two-ply fabrics help solve this problem somewhat by strengthening the threads and creating a more durable, though heavier, fabric.

The general wisdom is that a thread count of higher than 100 is desirable - these fabrics are known as Percale - with somewhere above 180 being ideal. While fabrics are available with thread counts up to 1000, anything in excess of 400 is considered by most to be simply extraneous.

Caring for your pillow

  • Low maintenance and easy to care for
  • For lasting comfort regularly air the pillow
  • Shake on a daily basis
  • Use a damp sponge to get rid of dirt or small spots
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees.

Additional Information

Pack Size 1 Pair
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